Sizzlin’ tastebuds,
since 1980.

About us

Here at Grandpa’s, we are a proudly 100% New Zealand owned & operated company. Our products are made, packed & sold here. Nowhere else! And the way we do business is the same as it’s always been - straight-up & salty. Staying true to our roots. Still using Grandpa’s famous Manuka smoked & honey cured recipe to deliver the best-tasting, best-value meat your money can buy.

Something we like to say around here – ‘the laughter is loudest where the food is best’. You know with Grandpa’s, mealtimes are great times, & there’s always heaps to go round. Just the ticket for busy, hungry, Kiwi families who want to love every bite!

Who the heck is Grandpa?

The Grandpa you see here on our products is based on our very own, real-life Grandpa. He stands for everything that’s great about the brand - our history, recipes and values.

Is Grandpa’s a New Zealand company?

You betcha. Proudly family-owned and 100% Kiwi operated.

How long has Grandpa’s been around?

Grandpa's as old as the hills. But the company itself was established 40 years ago, and still growing strong.

Where do you make your products?

Every tasty morsel is crafted and cured with care, right here in New Zealand using quality local and imported ingredients. The magic happens onsite, at our Penrose factory, thanks to a great team of hardworking, talented locals.

Where does your meat come from?

We’d keep it home-grown if we could. But as Kiwis love pork so much (fair enough) and NZ farmers can’t keep up with demand, we source most of our pork from Europe (mainly Spain and Denmark). Only the very best is good enough. And we ONLY buy from select farms that stick to strict quality control standards and animal welfare systems, as set out by EEC law.

Why does Grandpa’s taste better?

It’s all in the recipe! And the craft. Mānuka-smoked, honey-cured – plus we use the whole muscle for the best flavour and texture.

Why do you Mānuka-smoke your bacon?

It’s the best way to pack the flavour in. A lot of companies spray their bacon with a liquid to make it taste smoky. But we do it right. No short cuts, traditional only. All according to Grandpa’s recipe.

Are Grandpa’s products gluten and allergen free?

We make every effort to limit allergens in our products, so more Kiwis can enjoy them! Our bacon and ham is 100% gluten free, and free from common allergens. For the rest of the range, please check the packaging - all the info you need is on there.

Does Grandpa’s make any other products, besides bacon?

Sure do. And if you love our bacon, you’ll go crazy for our ham, frankfurters, shredded chicken and Christmas ham.

Any bacon cooking tips?

Course we have!
PAN COOKED: place the rashers in an unheated pan, make sure they’re close together but not overlapping. Place the pan over a medium heat and let the little suckers sizzle, undisturbed, for 2 minutes, before flipping over to do the other side.
OVEN BAKED: this is brilliant if you’re feeding a crowd. Preheat oven to 190C. Line a tray with foil then place the bacon on top (single layer, no overlapping). Bake 15-20 minutes, or until done to your liking. Drain on a paper towel lined plate, serve hot.
MICROWAVE: Line a microwave-safe dish with three layers of paper towel. Arrange a single layer of bacon on top of this, then cover with an additional three layers of paper towel. Microwave 1 minute for every slice of bacon in the dish. If it needs more, give it 10 second bursts until fully cooked. Once done, remove the bacon from the dish (so it doesn’t stick to the paper), and allow to cool slightly before serving.

Is Grandpa’s packaging recyclable?

We’re working on it, but right now we’re using soft plastic as it’s the safest, most hygienic way to get our food to your table. This could change, as technology improves and sustainable packaging solutions grow.

Who owns Grandpa's?

Grandpa's is owned and run by Source & Supply Food Co, a New Zealand family business based in Auckland.

From our family to yours